Friday, October 5, 2012

Transitions are hard

Welcome back to Camp Chemo.
We are all settled in our new room, with a lovely eastern view. (See pics below - quick iPhone post)

Chemo is 6 days long, and has two main parts - high dose cyterabine (and the accompanying eye drops) and a second chemo that starts in a few days that is known as "smurf juice" due to its distinctive color. (I can't remember its medical name. Smurf juice is more fun to talk about. Ya gotta have fun, right?)

Sam is trudging wearily into the transition. It's hard to come back to cheerful smiles and hearty welcomes when he's none too pleased to be back. I feel mixed. I just want to get it over with, so I suppose I'm glad to be here and get started. As one of the nurses said, "you can't finish til you get started!" Tomorrow is another day.

So, first day of the last round. As my colleague, Rabbi Steve, said to me. "May this be the first of lasts in the new year."

Shabbat shalom from our temporary Wisconsin home....

Sam Sommer, E583
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
P.O. Box 1997
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-1997

Pics below of our new room and such. Including our view :) and the sweet decoration that greeted us from our nurses today.


  1. Sam you are one of the handsomest coolest boys-- EVAH!! YOu are going to beat this cancer's TUCHUS! We are all sending you our best juju and love from NYC--

  2. Parent Names: Mom & Dad made me giggle. Sending thoughts and prayers of healing in y'all's direction.

  3. He is such an inspiration. Smile Sam, you're almost done!! Hugs!

  4. Absolutely -- the first of lasts! And a New Year of blessings all around!

  5. You can totally kick cancer's butt Sam. I believe that :) and I've never even met you face to face! But I'm praying and rooting for you. We Chicago people gotta stick together :)

  6. G-d willing, next transition will be full health! Chag Sameach!

  7. I personally like the "today is the day before tomorrow"...and it's seriously the day after yesterday which is one day closer to being outta there! Stay in the game, Superman! And don't feel bad if the smiles don't come back right away. You're entitled to some un-smiley faces. We'll do the smiling for you when you can't. And then, when that smile comes back...look out, cancer! Look out, world!