Monday, September 2, 2013

Hair Today - BMT +6

In Cancerland, a day like today is well, lovely. It's lovely to say that it was relatively boring. There's not much to report. Sam continues to have pain in his throat (less so in his mouth now) and tiredness and nausea. The pain meds seem to keep things at bay, and for that we are grateful. There were exercises and laps and many games of Cut the Rope. We're also reading a great series,  the Dragon Keepers. Sam is enjoying them and I actually am too! (Thanks, Laurie, for sending us this one!)

Today's other activity centered around hair care.
Yes, Sam is again losing his hair. He does look nice bald, so there's that going for him.

If you'll recall, last time he lost his hair, there was some duct tape involved in its removal. This time he has discovered the joy of pulling it out and making a big hairball. Oh, and he insists we're going to keep it. Forever.


He also knows that I, his mother, despise little pieces of hair. He thinks it is funny to put those little pieces of hair on me. Yuck yuck yuck. I will clean up his many bodily fluids but please....not hair pieces. Ick.

Thank goodness he is totally adorable.
We are, as you know, still staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Often some really nice opportunities come through the House, which are truly a testament to the generosity of the Milwaukee community. Today we were invited to box seats at the Brewers-Pirates game at Miller Park, guests of Northwestern Mutual. There was another RonMac family that went with us, with kids similarly aged to ours. It was really delightful -- a wonderful afternoon that was such a nice way to take the other kids' minds off of everything. (As long as you don't start to think, hey, why are we having this nice opportunity anyway?...yeah, you just can't do that.) A photographer came around, though, and offered to take a family picture....and I declined. I just couldn't take a "family" picture without Sam....which felt so raw and real at that moment....

And so it goes....
Outside Miller Park today


  1. Reminded me of the Madeline story when the other kids were jealous of the toys she got after he appendix was removed.

  2. LA Shana Tova.... It should be a sweet and healthy year for all of us.
    Adrienne and Kenny Rosenblatt