Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sleepy - BMT +7

If Sam were one of the Seven Dwarfs today he would have been Sleepy.
Or a smurf, I guess. Sleepy Smurf?

Either way, he spent most of the day napping.

There was one moment when Rabbi Steve tried to teach his nurse how to blow a shofar. To wake him up. It might be one of my favorite hospital moments EVER. Nurse C was awesome -- she totally was a champion at playing along (haha pun intended).

Rabbi Steve's special Mi Sheberach for Sammy

I was a little worried about the sleeping. But the docs and nurses all said that this is "normal" for BMT kids. I guess those cells take a lot of energy to grow.

He did rally to do his PT exercises....
...and again when David (and Yael) came to visit.

And then back to sleep.

The cells have been in residence for one week. Hard to believe it, right?
Tomorrow is day +8, and we have something special planned for that and Rosh haShanah.
Hopefully Sam will be more awake tomorrow!


  1. Shanah Tovah to your whole family. May the new year be sweet and filled with Refuah Shlemah. We continue to daven for Superman Sam. Love from Canada.

  2. Wow. One week already. Happy New Year. Happy New Marrow. Already healed.

  3. L'Shanah Tovah to Sammy and all the Sommer family. Sweetness and light for all of you.
    That's my prayer tonight.

  4. Shannah Bri'ah
    a Healthy year
    I guess things have changed. When my friend had the procedure done quite a number of years ago, she couldn't be with her children for a couple of months.