Monday, September 16, 2013

Steps - BMT +20

Every big project has its forward steps and backward steps.
We're definitely moving forward. (His numbers are great!)
Sam is doing really well. He's happy and moving around, he's very much back to his old self again.
His stomach? Not quite caught up yet.
And so that continues to be his challenge -- transitioning to oral medications (from IV) and eating.

Our doctors are over-the-moon happy with his progress.
The fact that his tummy hasn't caught up to the rest of him....well, that's par for the course they tell us.

So we have to let him set the pace.
We might have to slow down and let him feel ready. Or we have a few other plans that might help...and there are a lot of really smart people on the case.

 (Because even though I might think that since he is a pill-swallowing-food-consuming-rockstar, this should all be easy....but I know that there's more going on here than we think. Our doctors keep reminding us that his body has been through a really violent, destructive process. Even though he seems pretty well -- we have to respect the recent history....we just have to help Sam remember how to feel good, and remind him that he can do it.)

So in the meantime we read and we walk and we play Wii and we take naps and we watch SpongeBob and the teacher visits and hospital life just....goes on.

Uncle Harry took a turn reading to let Mom rest her voice.


  1. Nothing worthwhile ever comes to us easily.

    May the good news continue coming & the bad diminish exponentially.

  2. Have you tried coffee ice cream? My friend loved Israeli "ice café" for years after her life-saving bmt

  3. Sometimes a new life begins with lots of barfing. For pregnant women they call it morning sickness. For new marrow to settle in, we can just call it moving sickness. xoxo