Monday, September 30, 2013

Sprung! - BMT +34

Yep! Today was the day!
Following Sam's biopsy this morning, it was decided that all the rest of the tweaks to his medicines and general care could be handled outpatient...and so we packed up and skedaddled!

His new little immune system is only 34 days old. So like a new baby, we will continue to be careful to limit his exposure to large groups of people and all the viruses and germs they may have. He might wear a mask, not necessarily to protect him, but to keep people away from him! (Let them think he has somethig terrible that THEY have to keep away from and it will work to keep him safe. Nice reverse psychology, huh?)

So what's next?
Many trips back to the clinic, to start. He needs some immunoglobulins this week (I am sure I will be able to explain that better after it happens) and regular check ups to confirm his lab results, etc. 

Many many kids are re-admitted in the first few months for fevers or infections, so we are hyper-aware of that possibility as well. The risks are many...the rewards are priceless. 

And of course there are the biopsy results. We are waiting for those as well. Hopefully we will have some concrete answers to the status of Sam's bone marrow by the end of the week. Are those SuperCells doing their SuperStuff?

Until then, we will rest and plan and find ways to keep our SuperSam super-busy and super-healthy! There's already been some out-of-the-hospital eating magic in the form of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Hooray!


  1. Crying tears of joy, and saying prayers for continued healing and happiness.
    The Kalmans

  2. And so your breath comes a little easier tonight. And you sleep a little deeper knowing he is out & nearby. And day by day normal will return. And we say Thank G-d!!!!

  3. B"H, where will you be at this stage?

  4. amazing! wonderful news!