Sunday, September 29, 2013

Super Bowl(ing) - BMT +33

Yesterday, Sam and I drove by a bowling alley. All summer long, we'd discussed bowling, but we never quite found a time to do it. He mentioned that he'd like to go bowling. Today.

"You know, mom, we went to the movies. Like a million people have touched those seats. Bowling can't be any worse."

How can you argue with that logic?

So we went bowling....all of us. (Have you ever taken a rowdy almost-3-year-old bowling?!)
Clearly Sam is building stamina, since he lifted a 6-pound bowling ball! 

One game was all it took, and then we managed to convince him to eat half a grilled cheese sandwich at a real restaurant. Woohoo!

Sam continues to get stronger. A few minor issues still remain....
Tomorrow is a big day -- will he be discharged or won't he? We don't quite know yet.
Like everything else....we wait and see....

We'll take lots of prayers tomorrow morning (more than usual, please) for Sam's bone marrow biopsy. We're going to learn more about how SuperMensch's 18 million stem cells per kilo are faring inside our own SuperSam....

One day at a time.
One step at a time.
One minute at a time....we move forward.

P.S. Since you're all always asking about the other kids, today was their first day of Sunday School (they missed last week for a family event) -- aren't they cute?


  1. You'll have more than the usual prayers from me tonight and tomorrow morning.
    I'll never forget Sam's talk with those cells. I know they listened!

  2. Extra prayers, and all our love.
    The Kalmans

  3. Offering prayers for complete healing and prayers of gratitude too.
    Devorah Kallah Cheryl