Sunday, September 1, 2013

Out the Window - Day +5

I almost didn't write a blog post today, since truthfully...almost nothing differently from yesterday!

Sam is still in a bit of pain but it's pretty well managed, and Sam was very happy to spend a couple of hours with David and Yael and Zeyde when they came by today.

Sam was due for a tubing change today, which doesn't sound like it should be that complicated but when you have as many tubes as he The new policy is to change the whole pole over (if possible) and so that happened today. 

So there were TWO Monster Poles in Sam's room for a brief period of time! Oh my.
And during the tubing change, Sam is unhooked for just a few brief minutes. Remember, he's on three continuous, round-the-clock drips...and while he's on the morphine drip, he's also connected to a pulse-oxygen monitor, which is connected to the wall. So there's not a lot of moving around.

So when he's unhooked for this twice-weekly tubing change, I always encourage a little dance. And I got one....
And then I glanced out the window....and Sam came over...and can you see what he saw?
Here's a better shot of it....
Blessed are You, our God, who remembers the covenant...
A rainbow is a blessing...a symbol....a renewal of commitment.
We'll take all the good signs we can get, right?


  1. YES! We will take all the good signs!! A message from beyond I think.

  2. Yes!!!!! Where is God? Wherever you let God in, and most certainly wherever there are rainbows. xoxo

  3. wow
    refuah shleimah
    Modern medicine is so complicated.

  4. Sam,

    You don't know me but I know your parents - years ago I taught your father. I just wanted to wish you and your family a sweet year. There are lots of people all over the world who you don't even know who think you are doing an incredible job and who are thinking of you. From my home in Jerusalem I am sending you best wishes for the coming year.

    Michael Marmur

  5. Now THAT is a beautiful view. Thank god for the little things. Sending you love and hugs from the Dickson family.

  6. A beautiful rainbow and a beautiful sign. Also, my Captcha has an 18 in it!!!