Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day 366

A whole year has gone by. 
Now what?

Yesterday was hard. Very hard. 

But truthfully, it was just as hard as every day. And so is today. We've crossed the 365 day mark. 

It doesn't really mean anything, does it?
It's just a number. 

I feel as though it should mean something. 
But instead....I just wish he was here. 

366 days. 
We keep on swimming. 
We keep moving forward. 
We breathe and hope and pray and love. 
And count the days....and make each day count....


  1. I thought of you a lot yesterday. You're absolutely right, I'm sure it's just as hard as any other day. Just based on the little I saw on Facebook, it looks like you did a wonderful job of honoring the day-and Sam-like you do every day, too. Keeping putting one foot in front of the other. Hugs.

    (and as a lighthearted aside, when did D get SO tall?)

  2. making hearts of my hands, to hold Sammy there…every day

  3. Still thinking of you, knowing that one year plus one, is still just as hard. We're still here for you, even if we only know you through your writing.