Thursday, December 11, 2014


In Wednesday's yoga class came this instruction:
Stretch to the side and make a lot of space in your side body...
Fill that space with your breath...

There's a space in our family.
A space that is exactly the shape and size of Sammy.
We didn't make it, we didn't ask for it, but that's what we have.

A space.

There's a space in our family.
A wide, yawning, vast, cavernous hole...
Every day we work hard not to fall into it, not to dwell in the emptiness.

And yet it's not empty. It's a huge gaping hole, but it's not empty.
It's a space that we've filled with breath.
And light.
And air.
And love.
Lots and lots of much as we can find.

Where we were a year ago....we didn't know how little time we had left.

The TimeHop app brings me to tears nearly every day....

Yael in Solly's new Toothless hat (How to Train Your Dragon, Sammy's favorite movie)
Three....filling the space....and you can see Sammy up over David's shoulder