Wednesday, December 24, 2014

On Our Minds

There are so many things that make me think of Sammy....okay, that's not quite an accurate statement. Nearly everything makes me think of Sammy.

But it's amazing to me how much Sammy is on Yael's mind, in particular. 
(Solly too -- but that's a different blog post)

Today we were at the Kinneret Cemetery, a simply beautiful spot overlooking the Sea of Galilee filled with the graves of the earliest pioneers of Israel. We invited all of the participants to write a poem or other reflection...and here's what Yael wrote:

There are a lot of trees of there in the nature. 
When I am in nature I think of Sam. That is what I think in nature.

Always on our minds, in our hearts....


  1. A truly inspiring location for such meaningful reflection.

  2. And in ours.

    Someone very dear to us was the caretaker of that cemetery for many years and now rests there himself. It is indeed a very special place.

  3. there, and there, and there--by nature, and here