Friday, September 28, 2012

999* is so nice

What we've been up to....

Sam took his own blood pressure when the home health nurse came to visit.
FOUR kids at my breakfast table!?
A little hula-hooping...
Back to school!

Yesterday, Sam said, "I think I miss some people at the hospital and I can't wait to go back."
Me: "Really?"
Sam: "Um, NO!" {laughs hysterically}

Today Sam said, "I think I eat a lot more here than at the hospital."

He does homework and chores and does friendly battle with his sibs.
Last night they were chasing each other around the house.

A slice of normal life.
Before we go back into Cancerland.
I wish I could throw away our tickets.

*999 is Sam's ANC as of today. How nice is that? Biopsy on Monday....wishing you a Shabbat and weekend full of peace and blessing!