Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's Always Something

Day 14. Halfway through? Who knows. We just keep on truckin'....

I decided that it was a good idea to take Sam to the hospital cafeteria for lunch. I thought that maybe a combination of many choices in front of him and an eating-atmosphere would encourage a good solid meal. Plus, we can eat outside in the lovely little patio. I took Sam into the cafeteria, and showed him all the choices available....and here's what he selected:

that diet coke you can see is NOT for Sam. Guess who drank that!?
Seriously? All the french fries you could possibly want and Sam picked a pickle, cheese, and fruit. Oy. He is so not taking advantage of this. He will regret these silly choices when he is old and watching his cholesterol. "Oy, when I was six, I should have eaten all the french fries I could have!"


After lunch, we had a super-exciting video chat session with Sam's music class. They shared a sweet song that they had learned about Sam's monkey and took turns singing it, playing the xylophone, and making the monkey dance. Sam loved it.

 Things were relatively quiet the rest of the day. There was some homework and drawing. One of the nurses suggested that Sam draw a picture of himself sword-fighting against cancer.

(I cannot get this picture to rotate! Sorry.)
While we were sitting out in the play area drawing, a lady walked by with her musical instruments. Yes! It was the music therapist! We were not on her schedule (why not!?) but we convinced her to add us in. She didn't arrive in our room until almost 9pm, so we had a really short session, but Sam loved it. We are now on her schedule for next Tuesday.
Please, Sam, do NOT take up percussion.
Right before the music therapist came, our nurse found a very small pinprick-size hole in one of Sam's central line lumens. This necessitated a call to the Central Line Team, who said it needed to be repaired immediately, and someone would be there by 10pm. (We are relatively strict about bedtime but once we heard this, we knew we'd have to stay up late.) It's always something, right?

At about 9:30, she came to repair Sam's line, and that was a very interesting experience! I was a little nervous that it would involve some kind of surgical procedure (that is how the line was put in initially) but the small break was close to the end, so they could just cut it off and put on a new end. Everything related to the line has to be sterile, so that was a little nerve-wracking. Luckily, they seem to know what they are doing!
Sam was a trooper but by the end he just wanted to go to bed. Me too! (That's why tonight's update is so late!) Whew. It was certainly an adventure that we are hoping to never repeat. I asked if we caused it, and she said no, sometimes it just happens, and it probably (hopefully) won't happen ever again.

As you know, Sam has become a huge fan of the game Draw Something. It is a great tool for learning to spell! Our friends at Zynga heard about Sam and sent him a Draw Something t-shirt, which he was so excited to wear tonight to bed. (I must admit, Zeyde and I were a little jealous of this little bit of swag, since we play too!) Thanks, Zynga! Here's my little rockstar:

Boring is good. We just want boring. Here's hoping for boring days ahead....


  1. Sam's a great artist in addition to all his other talents!

  2. A pickle, of course! Well, the pediatricians always say that the body craves what it needs, so there you go. Sam had a pickle deficiency! Love to you all. xoxo

  3. I agree....boring is good.Let's hope you can experience it soon! Upside of boring is predictable and safe, steady, and calm...
    Ok, Sam, now I HAVE to check out the drawing game. My daughter in Madison is a big fan, and she'll be pretty envious of the shirt, too. Sammy, that smile of yours makes my day. Things get hard here sometimes, worried about all sorts of important, adult things, but you....you are the person that rights my rocky boat. Have a good day tomorrow.