Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Impatient Patient

Day 8 - today was one of those days when I totally wondered why we were here. Sam is full of energy, bouncing around the hospital, chasing me around the Healing Garden and exploring "secret" corridors with a mischievous gleam in his eye.

Unhooked from his pole for almost the whole day, I know that this is just the calm before the storm. His counts are dropping as they should. Some crankiness has already started to set in, partly because he isn't eating enough, partly because his hemoglobin is getting lower.

Today's theme was definitely impatience. Aside from his impatience with his Dragonvale dragon-growth, he was impatient with homework and Spanish and my desire for some structure on the day. Oy.
Aunt Mary came to visit today and he beat her at FastTrack!

Oh well. I'm impatient too. The sooner he hits "bottom," the sooner we can be back on the rise...and moving forward. I can only imagine how I will feel during round 4.

So we keep finding new things to do! We "discovered" the code for the staff elevator. It helps that the code numbers are the only ones worn away. Sam thinks it is the coolest adventure to take the "secret elevator" and we have now stopped at every floor to check out what's there. We get bemused looks from various staff members when Sam earnestly tells them that we "figured out the code."

Whatever works, right?

Tonight Sam wanted nachos. "But not the cheese sauce like they have here, mom. I want real cheese melted onto chips."

Darn real-food-eating child.

I tried to have some Mexican food delivered but I was unsuccessful. So I ran out and bought some shredded cheese and chips. Perfect. "Just like at home" he pronounced them. And ate about 3 chips. But hey, it's food, right?
"Do NOT take my picture, Mom."
Today I scooped up a bunch of Disney sequels in from the movie library. We're busy with The Rescuers Down Under. Yep....b-movies rule. Is he old enough for the Narnia movie?
Our friends at Zynga sent Sam a bunch of swag. THANKS! He totally recognized the logo and it was adorable.


  1. Hi, I have a friend who is a comic book artist and we were wondering if Sam would like to have some original art?

  2. That Sammy definitely has Wisconsin roots, opting for REAL cheese. =) Much love!

  3. he totally is old enough for narnia! send him on the best adventure ever, i noticed he has a harry potter shirt and loves harry potter like I do. So if he likes the boy wizard he'll love Narnia.

  4. Love that first photo -- what a cool shot with a cool kid!