Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quiet Shabbat

Chemo Round 3, Days 3-4

Shabbat by the numbers:

7 bags of fruit snacks consumed
3 times Sam threw up
3 walks downstairs
5 visitors
15 laps of the nurses station
15 times he tried to get L.A.'s attention (his favorite nurse)
12 sword-fights (NERF swords, people)
80million games of DrawSomething
40billion times he asked if something had hatched on DragonVale
10 storybooks read
1 chapter book finished
8 Prelutsky poems read before bed
4 mouthwashes
2 teeth brushes
3 sets of eyedrops
eleventy-hundred IV hookups

Testing out Zeyde's cane while Zeyde practices walking backwards

Sword-fighting with Nurse LA

Sometimes we need hints. So we sent this one to Talah for a few extra clues (it's EYEBROW, by the way.)
Tomorrow, Uncle Josh arrives!


  1. I love reading your posts :) XOXO


  2. I love reading your posts too! I read every one! Sending big hugs your way, and always thinking of your family. xoxo