Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's The Little Things

Day's the little things that make us happy.

Little thing #1:
Coffee creamer in the "nutrition room" AKA coffee-getting-place. We have been out of coffee creamer for days and days. Even the nurses are annoyed. But I know better than to go out and buy some. That is when it magically shows up. So I waited it out and was rewarded this morning. Yay! The vanilla goes first....then we reluctantly use the hazelnut, which is good but not as good....and then we settle back into the ordinary half-and-half until more coffee creamer shows up. It's a vicious that annoys coffee drinkers enough that we have been known to check out other floors' coffee-getting-places to see if they have been restocked sooner than we have.

Little ok, Big Thing #2:
A visit from Dad. It happens to, ahem, be busy season in rabbi-land. So when dad came up for a visit today, it was a special treat for Sam. Dad, it must be told, spent the whole last week figuring out as many tricks and secrets of DragonVale as he could so that he could share them with Sam. "I'm so impressed, Dad!" is what he said. And he meant it. I was impressed too.
Little Thing #3:
Dad's turn to be impressed as Sam read in Spanish. Woo hoo!
Little Thing #4: Simply wonderful weather and fresh air in the Healing Garden. Sam found a few kids to play with and he had a great time running around in our evening walk. Oh thank goodness for fresh air.
Counts are still at the very bottom. Not rising yet.
Waiting....waiting....waiting....waiting....tapping foot impatiently.

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  1. I'm impressed you know what DragonVale IS (I have not idea!) So glad to hear a day of visits and sharing some time together and fresh air... and yummy creamer! Wishing you countless more days of all good things....
    Stephanie, Steve, Ben, Maddie
    Ben says "Tell Sammy, I hope you are better soon!"
    Well said!