Monday, September 3, 2012

A Day Pass

Did you know that if you ask for a "day pass" you might actually get it?

I realized that today would be a good day to bring David, Yael AND Solly up to visit Sam. Now that isolation is over, it's easier for Solly to visit Sammy. And I know that means a lot to all of them..

We decided to bring the kids up for lunch at the hospital, followed by dinner at Bubbie & Zeyde's.

With a pass for Sam.

Yep, he came out for dinner. (It was based on his "counts" being acceptably high for him to safely venture out of the HOT Unit nest, and of course on how he felt. He was doing okay - not too nauseous, feeling mostly "fine." A "day pass" is actually only a few hours - we got him from about 3pm until 6ish. Not bad, right?)

(My not-so-secret motive was to encourage eating from Sam. Aside from a few bags of goldfish crackers, I was somewhat unsuccessful in this endeavor. But the emotional and spiritual food of having Sam with the family...priceless.)

Solly in particular couldn't quite get over that Sam was around. He was a little scattered and overwhelmed at the hospital, he was so excited to run around and see the fishtank, so he mostly missed out on Sam. But once he settled into the grandparents' house, Solly realized that Sam was there, and plopped his little self right down next to him as often as possible.

Just hanging out and watching TV at the grandparents' house

Some medical stuff - they've added a new anti-emetic (that's fancy for "helps you not to feel like puking") as well as an appetite stimulant which is called something like Super-Hyper-Deen. (Does Paula Deen take it? Maybe that explains all the butter.) Now that chemo is over, we are just in the waiting game - counts to fall - and I hear that they will plummet fast from this intense chemo - and then counts to rise...and so we wait.

In other news, school starts around Milwaukee tomorrow, so soon we will meet the hospital teachers! That's exciting, right?


  1. Best family photo ever! Can there be any better medicine than Solly, David and Yael? I just don't think so! Love you all xoxoxo.

  2. Phyllis - What an amazing beautiful photo ! The love and light from your family is bouncing off my computer screen.
    Karen Zucker

  3. Love the family photo! All those smiles are infectious!

  4. Wonderful. I also loved the photo on FaceBook.

  5. Fantastic family pic. Must. Look. Away. and return to working! Nah, one more peek!

  6. What a great photo! Your family is very inspiring. I feel like Phy could right a book and it would be on the NY times best seller list

  7. Best. Photo. Ever.

    xoxo from NYC!
    ~ Jane.