Sunday, September 23, 2012

According to Plan!?

It's quite remarkable when things go according to plan.
So remarkable that it's nearly unheard of in Cancerland.

Saturday was Day 25.
In Round 2, Sam went home on Day 25.
I didn't exactly make a plan, but I imagined that perhaps day 25 was the magic day.

Who knew!?

(Well, our nurse practitioner seemed quite certain since she did all the prep work with me on Friday and said she was pretty sure it would be Saturday or Sunday.)

Sam's counts jumped by 100 overnight! From an ANC of 64 on Friday morning to 160 on Saturday morning. After a little discussion/negotiation/conversation with the resident (who was questionable about our home-going status) and the attending physician (who was certain that we were going home - so glad SHE was in charge) and then a little medicine-planning and organizing and packing and prepping...

We went home.

Just like that.
 It was exhausting.
He slept the whole way home!

And now, here we are...ready for a nice long time together before our return to the hospital for Round 4...Round LAST.

Things seem kinda....normal.
A little baking (that's what we Sommer people like to do)...
If I had a plan, it would look like this:
Monday - back to school for Picture Day!
Yom Kippur....I'm not sure yet what Sam will do.
Build our Sukkah.
Dwell in our Sukkah, perhaps a day or two early .
Eat a lot of macaroni and cheese, bagels, and whatever home-flavored food tastes best.
Monday - Bone Marrow Biopsy and Lumbar Puncture with many precautions taken to avoid spinal headache (more on that when it happens)
Friday, October 5 - Readmission for Round LAST. Round FINAL. Round Get-Us-To-Remission-Forever.

But I don't have a plan.

(Round 4 will probably not be 25 days. First of all, wouldn't that be weird? Second of all, if you'll recall, I don't like to read ahead. But I've heard that sometimes that round is longer. So I'm not getting my hopes up. Really.)

But still....
you gotta believe.

Things will be hopefully quiet around here for a little bit. And that's the way I like it.

Thank you for all that you've done for us so far and all that you continue to do.
We are unbelievably blessed.


  1. What a wonderful 25th day the Sommers had! I wish you all many fun, happy, healthy and bake-filled days together!

  2. as long as it ends with good news, G-d willing

  3. Truly awesome. As in, Days-of-Awe kind of awesome. I am so glad for all of y'all. Will keep Sam and you and your family in my prayers and in my community's prayers! G'mar tov.

  4. Sam ~ and you all ~ are in our hearts and prayers as we enter Yom Kippur tonight. May this year 5773 be filled with good news, meaningful time together, abundant love and health! G'mar chatima tova! <3