Friday, August 31, 2012

4 Things I'm Not Proud of and 1 That I Am

I asked Sam how he wanted today's schedule to look.

Sam: is it 11?

Me: no, it's only 10:20am.
*note: teach kid to read a clock

Sam: can you go get me a biscuit at McDonald's?

Thing I'm Not Proud Of #1: my kid knows what time breakfast ends at McDonald's.

Thing I'm Not Proud Of #2: my kid's favorite food is a biscuit with egg and cheese.

So I went. To the nearest McDonald's.

Thing I'm Not Proud Of #3: I know where the nearest McDonald's is.

In the drive thru, they told me that actually, on weekdays, breakfast ends at 10:30. I look at my car clock. 10:42. Seriously!?

Thing I'm Not Proud Of #4: I went inside and I played the cancer card.

Yep. "Please. My kid has leukemia. He wants a biscuit. Can you help me out?"

I did. I totally went there.

Yeah. I'm so not proud.

But this. THIS I am proud of:


  1. Give yourself a break. Seriously. It's not as if you went in there at three in the afternoon. It was merely twelve minutes after they stop making breakfast. And he's in the midst of treatment.

    Be kind to yourself, my love.

  2. Play the card everytime until they learn they must serve breakfast during all operational hours!

    1. I am heading to Washington on Tuesday to begin lobbying for this to be federal law.

    2. Dan, I'll be there with you. Let's stop by the RAC and get Michael Namath before we hit Capitol Hill.

      Phyllis, I agree with F.S.

  3. What a beautiful boy. What a beautiful smile.

    Shabbat shalom!

  4. Never feel guilty about being a good mom and getting your son what he needs, even if advocating for his needs looks a little differently than it used to. They'll be plenty of time for healthy breakfasts later, for now getting the calories in is justification enough.


  5. Play IT!!! At least your not trying to get out of a traffic ticket!!

  6. If it's any consolation, apparently your kid does NOT know #1.

  7. I agree with Rabbi Sharff, they should serve breakfast alllllll day, haha. Play the card! He's small, sick and wants a biscuit! :) Also, everyone is making good points.

  8. (and that face is totally worth playing the cancer card!!)

  9. I'm with Malcolm X on this one: By any means necessary. Good job Phyllis!

  10. Three things:

    1) A McDonalds egg and cheese biscuit for breakfast is one of the great joys in life. Even better with hashbrowns. No guilt there, just jealousy from me.

    2) If God gives you the !@#%ing cancer card, play the !@#% cancer card. There's got to be some small benefit here, other than your ever-growing (and well deserved) Internet fame.

    3) I love you. I love Michael. I love Josh. I love your kids, even though we've never met. Sending you prayers of peace and healing this Shabbat, as always.

  11. You are one great uber child advocate. And everything you did and said does nothing to dispute that. And McDonald's should be giving you free egg and cheese biscuits.

  12. Play it, Ima! Nothing to not be proud of. You did what you needed to, And kudos to the MickyD employees who acquiesced to your request. It was worth it -- look at that smile! Shabbat shalom!

  13. I hope you'll take that photo with you the next time you go to the nearest McDonald's along with a thank you note to share with the manager about what great customer service their employees gave to you.

    Shabbat Shalom!

  14. you just play that cancer card WHENEVER and HOWEVER you need to to make things bettewr! ANYTIME you need it -- you NEVER hesitate!!!

  15. during Chemo I normally crave Mcdonalds as well... a fact that i am not proud of... but my oncologist explained it to me as that the reason i crave it and many people do while in treatment is because it always will taste exactly the same- no matter where you get it from. also if you would like i can get you an actual cancer card. check out

  16. McDonalds is sort of a special place. You should feel proud about being a McDonalds customer. 11 years ago, when we found out Rachel had Celiac and needed to eat a gluten free diet, no one had heard of gluten and going out to eat was complicated and dangerous. McDonalds makes simple food in the exact same way at every single location and it became the only safe place Rachel could eat outside our home. It was the place that my preschooler could eat with her friends and enjoy french fries with everyone else. It was the place that allowed us to run around all Sunday without having to bring a picnic in the car. It was the place that allowed us to eat in airports and on vacation. It's ironic, but McDonalds was a safe, comforting place that helped keep my daughter healthy. Now she's a teenager and there are lots of gluten free options everywhere you turn. She doesn't like McDonalds any more. She eats healthy food at home and everyplace else. But, I'll always appreciate the safety and joy that McDonalds provided in those early years.

  17. I'm with Sam, they make a delish egg and cheese biscuit! Love and hugs to all.