Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Bump in our Road

Things were going so well.

But last night, Sam was up many the bathroom. Poor little guy.

So on morning rounds, they decided that it was time to test him for C.Diff.
But first he had to um...produce a sample.

Which he didn't do until almost 2pm. I thought we were in the clear. A few more hours...

Why is this a big deal? Once they send the sample, we're in "isolation." No walks. No laps. Not one little toe of Sam's foot set out of our room. Luckily, I am allowed to leave (whew). Guests are allowed, but have to wash their hands with soap and water and wear pretty yellow gowns. (and, for the inquiring minds, it's treatable with antibiotics but requires a longer term of isolation...quite a bit of time stuck in the room. So please please please pray for a clean result.)

So beforehand, we made sure to have a little out-of-the-room adventure. Thanks to Max and Leslie, we had a large supply of glow sticks swords. So in between laps, there was some sword-fighting.
Max was a super good sport. And thanks, Leslie, for the pictures!
This one looks particularly Harry Potter-ish doesn't it?
Once we were isolated, a few of our favorite staff members stopped by for another little sword-fight.
Note the pretty yellow gowns. Very stylish.
Then the mail came. Our friends ordered Sam two amazing shirts from ThinkGeek - a guitar shirt and a drum shirt that actually play. (Thanks Jenny, Alan, Alex and Sammie!)
See (even better, HEAR) for yourself:

Endless entertainment! A little noisy. But awesome.

Overall, he feels a little bit icky. But no fevers. Today is the first day post-chemo. It's all downhill from here. Literally. We watch his counts fall....and then wait for them to rise.

Hopefully this is just a bump in the road. Hopefully we will be back to lap-walking and sword-fighting and stair-climbing and no time.

So now we're hoping that the C. Diff comes back negative. Sometime tomorrow. (We hope!)

P.S. for those keeping score in Sam's movie-watching world - today was The Princess Bride, the Neverending Story, and The Parent Trap (the new one, not the original). All of them were big hits. 


  1. Praying, hoping and praying some more for a negative on the C. Diff and lots of lap-walking, sword-fighting, stair-climbing and lobby-sitting instead. xoxo.

  2. He's in my prayers. G-d willing all will be well. Refuah shleimah

  3. Keep fighting Superman, we're here.

  4. Did he ever see the original Parent Trap? Might be entertaining too...
    B'hatzlacha on the negative C diff!

  5. Sending all good thoughts. I love that video of Sam playing the t-shirt! What a wonderful little (kosher) ham her is!