Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Biggest Box Ever!

And (wait for the disappointment) no picture. House cleaning came before I remembered to photograph the size of the box (must be all things New Jersey come in one size HUGE!!!). Needless to say it looked to have been a three by two box from the Upper Saddle River New Jersey Leukemia & Lymphoma marathon team.
Dan, a friend from high school, told his team about Sam and they made him an honorary team member. From the chief of police and a fireman, to a future fencing Olympian and her mom, all members of the team filled this box with love, prayers, support and a myriad of really cool gifts and running medals. Sam nearly lost his mind with glee and awe.
Samantha (the future Olympian) actually sent Sam one of her fencing helmets signed by her. The chief of police made Sam an honorary officer of the law. All in all I think Sam just found his future profession and his collegiate sport. He LOVES sword fighting so I am sure he will love fencing.
People continue to amaze me with their unconditional love and support. Thank you all. You make the days fly and fill the moments with sheer amazement. You have my eternal gratitude and Sam's undying love.

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  1. The blog has become must reading every day following along with highs and occasional lows.
    I have a question - what does Sam think about all these "strangers" who are sending him photos and gifts? How does he understand their actions?
    Love to you all.