Monday, August 6, 2012

A long day that started around 1 am

The night ran long with trips to the bathroom. Sam was in good spirits, but the frequent visits left us both exhausted. Thankfully Sam woke in an amazing good mood and we hit the ground running. We watched the end of Star Wars as we ate breakfast. After some serious sword fighting we watched the Empire Strikes Back for lunch.

Bubbie came to visit after lunch and cut me loose to eat lunch, shower and rest at the Ronald McDonald House. When I returned the mail had arrived. Sam got some amazing gifts from some of our amazing family and friends. One frog simply had postage and Sam's address and got here just fine!
Sam was playing with his new alligator snapping turtle action figure that Uncle Stock sent along with other great amphibian articles and doodads when I returned. The mustache straws were another big hit. The dinosaur mosaics rounded out the day and made for some incredible post-dinner activity.
We hope to watch the remainder of Return of the Jedi tomorrow before Uncle Josh tags into the ring.

Nurse E is bantering with our young superhero at this moment as he sits on his throne and asks a thousand questions about the HIPAA laws and why he can't know who else is sick with CDiff.

I will never cease to be amazed as Sam turns each day into a celebration of being himself. He inspires us all and reminds why we do our best to fight the good fight. May the lives of all our doctors, nurses and staff be doubly blessed for all the healing and goodness the bring into the world. You bless our lives each day more than you can imagine. Thank you all.

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  1. You'll have to let me know if the Superman Lego photo arrived.

    Good to see Sam in such good spirits, but I also hope you're able to get more than a few hours worth of sleep.

    Gotta keep those positive vibes going!