Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Day on CDiff Lock-Down

After a good night's sleep, Sam and I slept in. His doctor came in and told us he was doing fine, but it was time for platelets and a blood transfusion in order to keep his numbers at a good level. This always gives Sam plenty of energy and it didn't disappoint.

Sam had an incredible day of visitors. Michal, Emma and Ava came to hang out and play. Michal brought some love food with a delivery of an egg-and-cheese biscuit per Sam's request.

Thanks, Michal!
Once again the Star Wars paper airplanes were a big favorite. Bubbe and Zayde arrived soon after with Yael. Grandma arrived soon after to take Yael back to Chicago.

Happy sibs
Grandma visited today
After Bubbe, Zayde, Michal and the girls left, Rabbi Anne and Tricia arrived with Phoebe and Talah. Sam was on cloud nine! After playing with the Hexbugs for a bit the airplanes came out once again. Everyone had a great time hanging out and playing games. They also played hide the stuffed animal (baby bear is STILL missing in action), Bop It, and pin the bunny ears on everyone's tush. Clearly things got out of hand towards the end there.

Mischevious Sammy
The Goldfarb gals
After that contingency left Sam and I hunkered down for some video games while he received his blood transfusion. A shower and a bath followed by an unexpected dressing change (it was coming up before we even took the shower/bath) despite keeping it perfectly dry during the cleansing of the boy.

Sam was great and of course did most of the dressing change himself (at least the demolition and removal part). After that we installed our Wii so that Sammy and I could get in some vigorous sword fighting... what day is complete without some healthy Wii sword fighting? That's right, no day is complete without at least one sword fight.

Cousin Dan came to visit after that and he and Sam immediately set to challenging each other in Capcom vs. Marvel 3. It was fun to watch, but Sammy really is a great button masher and won many matches.

Yes, that's a bunny ear...
For another day in lock-down we had a lot of great company that made the time fly. Even the dressing change couldn't dampen Sam's soaring spirits. He had a great dinner of yogurt and Cheerios with a bite of banana thrown in. A great end to a fantastic day.

May our blessings and love continue to multiply as we do our time (without ever really doing any crime) and wait for our numbers to climb towards health, early release and a much deserved trip home in a few weeks.

Love to all you outsiders from your fans in the HOT floor lock-down.
Wii in bed!?


  1. It's wonderful that they allow kids in to visit. Not that long ago, children were never allowed in hospitals except as patients.

  2. What about tape? Use painters tape to make stuff on the floor and around the room! Maybe hopscotch? A parking areas for toy cars? Maybe even a maze for the nurses! How fun would it be to make them find their way through a maze before doing vitals?!? I'm sure you could come up with so much more!

  3. I lit a candle for Sam at church yesterday.