Friday, August 3, 2012

Challenge accepted!

Day one of isolation has been a rip roaring success. Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone!!!

A quick rundown of what we did:

Dance party (with Sam's guitar shirt providing our music)
Paper airplane building
Watched pink panther shows
Book reading
Played a few games
Sat on the floor on a blanket (change of scenery)
Threw the paper airplanes at the staff

I sincerely hope we didn't use up all our activities in one day.

So far this seems indefinite. Lucky us.

Shabbat shalom!


  1. Glad he was able to make use of those paper airplanes! Now I should look for a SYPROGRAPH! Shabbat Shalom!

  2. Boo for c diff! Is Sam feeling ok physically? Ari supposedly had c diff but no real symptoms. I heard basically everyone tests positive and hospitals are extra careful. Will they let Sam go outside? Activity - cookie or cupcake decorating. Gets him doing something fun with food and then he'll eat them. (maybe) hang in there.

  3. Shabbat shalom love from Los Angeles.

  4. Well, Sam...I'm so impressed with that paper airplane! I was never very good at it. Ok, I was never ANY good at it, but that looks like a pretty super Superman-Sam airplane. Just catching up on some of the things Mom and Dad have posted - LOVE those musical t-shirts! I hope you're feeling better today, that you're out of the room, and doin' laps again. Hugs to Mom and Dad for me, ok?

  5. Just wanted to let you know that the Superman photo for Sam was mailed out today.

    I hope he likes it.

  6. Can he play cards with a new deck? Casino is fun.
    How about a magic set to learn tricks? When he's better he can go around entertaining other kids.

  7. Write stories/color pictures to go along with it and submit it to so I can then produce the episode of his story!

  8. Since he enjoyed Princess Bride, let me recommend Stardust as well, it is in a similar vein.

  9. So, So sorry to hear about your "room sentence," Sam! We've been brainstorming here and we have a few ideas:

    1) Work on a constellation. If you think you'll stay up late enough to admire it in the dark, let us know and we'll get you glow-in-the-dark stars...but, we think it might be even MORE fun if you let loose with construction paper in all colors -- stars are multi-colored, you know!

    2) Find Waldo! We did this in downtown Lake Forest last week (seriously, they had a whole hunt set up in 20 different stores. We were reminded of how much fun it is to find that silly guy! AND, Carl happened to be the grand prize winner -- he is now the proud owner of the whole set of books. Did you know that in the more recent books you can look for Waldo, his sister, and 4 other characters AND their lost things? If you don't have a set of these fun books, let us know -- we'll make sure you do!

    Caryn, Meg & Carl
    (Susan is en route back from Canada with Paul...we intend to pick her brain when she comes back, too!)


    (I really like this one) -- make an iMovie! The software is free and you can do it on a number of different devices. I'll send you a couple of examples...Carl just made a movie trailer at Apple Camp last week. Perhaps you can even make one that is funny about being on "room arrest!"

  11. I can not even explain how sorry I am that you have to deal with c-diff. I know alot about it. Jonah, our 4 year old is just 3 weeks clear after being diagnosed with c-diff in late April. Sometimes it was bad and sometimes it was worse, but it is a rollercoaster.

    Caryn is always full of ideas. I think a movie about being on room arrest is definitely a great idea. My advice to everyone else. Go and get a regular bar of soap and wash your hand regularly. Bleach will become your friend. It is the only thing that kills this bug. The antibacterial stuff doen't work on this bug.

    We found that cutting OUT all refined sugars really helped us in the fight (the c-diff eats the sugar).

    any questions or anything you need.

  12. OOO - Idea - Play sink or float (do you have a bathtub or a shower there). Just bring a big bucket and see what sinks and what floats (anything is game but the electronics.

  13. I have *ANOTHER* idea -- Read for Good! There is this awesome site called, where they give a book to a child who has no or limited access to books for every book you read on their website. We discovered it earlier this summer and our children have given close to 40 books...I bet Sam could give 100 if he got to work on it! (You are allowed to read them aloud, too!)

    Here's a link to a blog I wrote about this awesome program:

    I'll keep thinking, I promise!