Saturday, August 18, 2012

Prepping the home front!

How excited are we that Sam's ANC hit 140! The room is being packed and we are prepping for his homecoming with momma (I'm not saying some serious cleaning is going on, but I'm not not saying it either).
Yeah! Life is good! What a sabbath blessing for our entire family and world of supporters. Prayers and love clearly work wonders.


  1. This is sweet to read, indeed. I just packed up and moved daughter #2 for her last year of college, back to Madison, and though she will have other moves to help her with in the future, your move OUT of the hospital BACK HOME is infinitely sweeter. Just wait till that 18 year old move out, though...Sam will be a pro...Healthy, strong, still that beautiful smile,
    and a pro at packing up his stuff!

  2. Yayyyy Sam! So glad you beat me out of the HOT unit!! --dr leah

  3. I'm very happy to hear this news! Go SAM go!