Monday, August 13, 2012

Normalcy in Isolation

We are so thankful isolation doesn't mean no visitors. Today Adam and Melissa stopped by on their way home from the Dells at the same time Bubbie came to visit. We sat around and ate lunch as Adam and Sam swapped Star Wars story ideas.

While Sam woke up in a bit of a sugar low slump he rallied, ate a good breakfast and watched Ghostbusters for the first time. He enjoyed it even though he didn't understand all of it, especially the moments of animosity and ironic asides of Bill Murray's character. (Phyl's comment: thanks to everyone for the lists of movies, we're having fun making choices!)

Sam's legs were worn out from all the Wii exercise he got on Sunday so he took a day off from training for the Wii ultra marathon. We downloaded a new Spiderman app, FaceTimed with David, Yael, Solly and later with Jess. Sam loved talking with his siblings. He can't wait for mom to bring up David for a visit tomorrow, only his second one in four weeks.

Sam's stomach is settling down to normal and he seems to be back to his old snarky self. This is good, but very exhausting after getting up during the night for all his individual beeps, bells and whistles.

Our life rolls on even of we are locked in this small space. The iPads, Internet, television and art projects all make it feel like our world is larger than the walls that surround us (it doesn't hurt that we have an amazing view of downtown Milwaukee out our huge window).

Your letters, prayers, pictures and gifts continue to make Sammy's day each time they arrive. He loves knowing how many of you think about him and love him in this world. He still wishes he was home, but is resigned to making the best of his time here in his other life.

Love and gratitude to you all from normal in isolation.

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