Wednesday, August 8, 2012



Sam has been asking for my macaroni and cheese for quite some time. I've run through many many many different kinds of mac and cheese to substitute.

Sunset Foods, a local grocery store (a close second, by the way)
Kraft - instant, frozen, freeze dried....I'm sure I missed a variety of Kraft.
Annie's - instant packets AND cups
Trader Joe's frozen
Hospital food service
Cafe West, the hospital cafe in the lobby
Various local restaurants around Milwaukee

I even gave the recipe to Karen and she tried to replicate it.

No dice.

Do you think he's playing me?

Either way...I made mac and cheese tonight. To take to the hospital tomorrow. Mama Phyl's Catering Company at your service.

Good thing he's cute.


Medical updates:

Still in isolation. Trying out many of your suggestions. Looking forward to trying more!

Counts are dropping as expected ad we are hoping to "bottom out" soon so he can start the slow climb back to an immune system. Today is day 15.

Sam's spirits are high and frankly this is what I care about the most. I love that he is smiling and snappy with his comebacks. (we value a good snappy comeback in our family)

We continue to be so very blessed.


  1. I have been told I make a mean Mac and cheese. Wanna try it? or Do you want some of Matt's brisket? Give us some cravings Sam, you know how we LOVE to COOK and BAKE!! Will try to send some homegrown blackberries..but your sister may take them all down before they make it into a basket ;) Happy to see you have such high spirits, not that I doubted you for a second! Keep it up! You are one AMAZING KID!!

  2. Send my love to everyone! You all continue to be in my prayers. I recommend watching the reality game show, Solitary; might give you some ideas, a few laughs... Btw are you sharing the Mac-n-cheese recipe?! It's making me hungry! :)

  3. I can't believe you didn't mention the Kosher Mac and Cheese (sorry, I just forgot the name). My Sam always liked that the best. Nothing like mom's home cooking! Sam's expression in that picture makes him look a bit like "Mini Me" from the Austin Powers movie. and no, I don't think he's ready for that flick. well,at least I'm preview it first. He may think the dirty parts are funny!

  4. I love your barometer of having a snappy comeback. Those can make things better for some time.

    America's Test Kitchen has a phenomenal mac and cheese recipe made with condensed milk (odd). It is spectacular.

    Hang in there!

  5. He's asking to eat! Awesome!! Years from now, Phyllis, he will still ask for your mac and cheese - it will be one of his special memories of you!! You are an amazing mom and he is one special 6-year old!! (You could also bake the mac-and-cheese in cupcake tins and give him cupcake-size portions if his appetite isn't so strong, and the cupcake mac and cheese servings are so cute!)
    Here's to his counts doing what they are supposed to do!

  6. You're doin' a good job, Mama! Have you guys made construction paper chains for Sam's room yet? When I was Sam's age, we would do this for hours. (Best of all, it's an activity that can be done "on bed").

  7. Wish I could figure out how to make some mac and cheese and send it there! While I am sure your recipe is very good, I have a strong feeling that he is craving your mac and cheese because it is a taste from and of home. Filling his belly with your mac and cheese will make both of you feel better! Have a good and snappy day.

  8. From what Sam has shared with my son Avi, he likes the shells kind of mac and cheese the best.