Monday, August 27, 2012

Short Stay by the Numbers

in the ER, resting was all a little blurry
Our stay at the hospital by the numbers...sorta:
23 people who said, "oh, you're back already?!" but with a big welcome-back smile
2 viewings of The Smurfs Movie
(multiple giggles by the mama.)
47 viewings of the Progressive Insurance commercial on Nick (why do they advertise alongside toys? I'll never know.)
15 times I explained what car insurance is for.
2 Berenstain Bears books read
1 new app downloaded to the iPad

4 bags of fluids
1 bag of caffeine
3 members of the "Pain Team" visited us. 2 were somewhat useless. 1 told us what-the-what was.
(Can you imagine? Team Pain? They sound like evil villains, don't they? They should be called the Anti-Pain Team. I'm just sayin'.)
87 times Sam told me he was hungry, when the Pain Team initially told him he couldn't eat, in case he had to have some kind of procedure. Which it turned out he was ineligible for anyway.
1 very irritated mama
1 Dipps granola bar consumed as soon as that restriction was lifted
1 bowl of yogurt-and-rice-krispies eaten
1 less irritated mama

8 doses of Zofran
8 doses of pain meds
1 vanco-heparin flush
1 capped off IV line
1 day chemo pushed back
2200 = Sam's ANC
1 happy camper to leave the hospital

Sam's headache was "cured" by laying flat, having lots of fluids run, and probably helped by that bag of IV caffeine. I'm trying to get some of that IV caffeine for me....until then I will have to make do with Starbucks.

They released us but they were a little wary about a car ride of an hour and fifteen minutes. So I suggested that we drive only as far as my parents' house, which is about 25 minutes from the hospital. That satisfied both the doctors and Sam, who put in an order for mac and cheese AND a grilled cheese. (I had grilled fish and a baked potato.)

So we're settled in here.

More numbers:
2 bowls of mac and cheese eaten
1/4 of the grilled cheese eaten
1 dose of Zofran administered by mouth
1 viewing of Gnomeo and Juliet
1/2 bowl of popcorn eaten
1 bowl of mac and cheese ("It's dessert, mom!") eaten after the popcorn
Multiple episodes of the Fairly Odd Parents
2 doting grandparents letting Sam have the run of the place
1 laptop for me to use to write this blog post! 

I'm not even going to tell you that I have a plan because it is silly to have a I have some ideas about the next few days.

Either way, we'll have a scheduled readmission on Wednesday.

Hopefully I will have something nice to report about tomorrow!

Thanks to everyone who offered to help - we so appreciate and love you!
Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts. They mean so much to us.
We are so truly blessed.


  1. Love the post! Tell Sam Mac and cheese is Breana's favorite-she will eat entire box herself but not that much when it is homemade. I love it too ; ). Glad you are feeling better Superman Sam!

  2. more numbers -
    literally thousands of loving friends,relatives, admirers, AND
    millions of hugs, kisses, prayer, thoughts and well wishes flowing your way!
    Love, 1 admiring family doc/mom/friend who is amazed at your blog posts :)