Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Marking Milestones

Losing a tooth is a big milestone, right?

No matter how you come down on the whole tooth fairy issue, it's pretty exciting. It's a status symbol, a sign of growing up! It's a very clear sign of new growth.

Unless you have leukemia.

Then it makes everyone a little nervous.

Sam had a very loose tooth.

It caused everyone a little stress. Every time he went for a procedure, they would ask if there were any loose teeth. The nurses didn't want his hands in his mouth, wiggling it. There was concern about bleeding. Infection.

Last night, about midnight, Sam woke up with a huge smile and a tooth in his hand.

And, um, a bloody hole in his mouth. Not in the British sense.
I mean for real.

Ew. But darn if he isn't the cutest little thing.
P.S. Yael's response? When do *I* get to lose a tooth!? (As though I have control of these things.)
So he rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. And then he went back to bed.
(In case you're interested, the Tooth Fairy DOES know where Bubbie and Zeyde live. And their Tooth Fairy is a Big Macher!)

But...his platelets are good.
His ANC is good.
So we're not overly worried.

Oh...and um...just by the way...
his bone marrow results are Free. Of. Leukemia.

YEP. You read that right.
{{{big deep sigh of relief}}}
Two rounds done.
Two to go.
We can do this, right?
One little milestone at a time.

Catch ya tomorrow from Camp Chemo.


  1. This is such happy news! Normal and "shouldn't-be-normal", the tooth and the results. Tell Sam now he can drink with a straw without opening his mouth! BTW...did you know the Tooth Fairy knows Hebrew? When my daughter lost her tooth, it was the night before we were flying to Israel. In all the hubbub, we forgot to put the tooth under the pillow! Last minute, we left her a note under her pillow with our flight number on it. Sure enough, the Tooth Fairy found our airplane, AND left a note in Hebrew, welcoming us to Israel!! Happy first tooth, Sammy!!

  2. Oh, my! first tooth is special. I hope that the memory of loosing your tooth and fighting cancer will be replaced with different circumstances by the time you loose your next one. Your family is amazing and your parents are very, very special.

    Did I mention how cute you look? ;)

  3. Glad to know that the Tooth Fairy knows where Bubbie and Zayde live! And, um, that F.O.L. news is pretty amazing, too!!

  4. Oh my goodness what a wonderful day's news! And he looks so handsome toothless. I think I'll knock one of mine out just to keep up with the fashion trend!

    Mazel Tov on another fine day!

  5. Woo Hoo! Bloody fantastic on all counts!

  6. Oh, how amazing! Tears of joy! I'm thrilled to hear (read) those 3 words (and to know that Bubbe and Zayde's tooth fairy is a big macher)! :-D

  7. The results are fan freaking tastic to hear!!!! Absolutely overjoyed for all of you. Superpowers of love and medicine :-D

    The Duchess and the rest of the Kerch family

  8. Wow....I am beyond thrilled to hear that Sam's results show he's free of leukemia. Fingers (and all other crossable appendages) crossed that this news continues to be the news forever.

  9. I just sent Sam some super hero photos, hopefully he gets them....they were sent to the Children's Hospital in Milwaukee....
    Be well Sam! Thinking of you!