Monday, June 18, 2012

Big Brother Visitor - Chemo Day 5

Guest post by big brother, David - he visited Sam today and dictated this blog post to me.

I walked in and said, "hi".
Sammy was like, "YAY! David's here!"
I thought that it was awesome to see my brother so happy and content.
Right after we got there we went for a walk.
Sammy showed me the kitchen. It was small.

I showed him his bag of presents and his face lit up. He's all like "yay! chocolate chip cookies!" He didn't eat any but me and Uncle Josh did.
 He said we could.

Then I showed him the turtle he got, which was one of those toys that you put in water and it grows bigger. We didn't do it yet, though.

We played Uno and built a Lego (Cars 2), but not all of it yet. We only did three-quarters.
When it was time to go, I gave Sammy four hugs. He said, "thanks for coming," and I was sad to leave.

I asked over and over if I could sleep over but wasn't allowed to because only one person was allowed to sleep there and I'm not old enough.

Thanks for reading.
Building a Lego together
Seemed like a good day today for Sam...lots of liquids and more eating. Walks and smiles.
His "counts" are dropping, and that is exactly what is supposed to happen.
So good....


  1. Love the blogging, and the brother-ing, Sam!

    (Still thinking about you all!)

  2. David,
    You're pretty super too!!


  3. Great blog, David! And great pictures everyone

  4. Dear Phyllis--I'm just catching up on this now, and want to send you and Michael & Sam and everyone much love from New York. Guy & I will be following your journey and praying for all of you. Love, Jill

  5. David, thank you very much for the report. I am very glad that you and Sam were able to have fun together. Love to you, Sam, and the rest of your family. Cousin Ellen

  6. Big brothers rock! David, Ms. Jenny still thinks you are one of the coolest dudes ever.

    Max says hi & he's really glad Sam has you to hang with & build Legos together! One of these days we're all gonna make it back to Chicago & have some fun.

    Keep eating, Sam - I'm thinking you should shark attack every bite of Uncle Josh's food from now on (& all of mom & dad's, too)!

  7. Wow - you guys are so lucky to be such good brothers to each other! Give lots of good hugs and take good care of each other :)

  8. I've been following your posts and am so inspired by everyone's courage - especially Sam's! He really is a superhero...There are lots of people rooting, praying and cheering for you in NYC!!

  9. LOVE this post! David, you are a GREAT big brother!!!! xoxo

  10. This was beautiful and made me cry. The Sommer family is so full of love. :)