Friday, June 15, 2012's all the same

We have amazing friends and family.
My phone has been buzzing constantly.
Texts and calls and emails and facebook posts and tweets.

It is awesome.
And a little overwhelming.
And I appreciate that so many people realize that - almost every call or text or email or message or tweet has included some form of "don't worry about calling me back."

I might not.
Sometimes I answer the phone and sometimes I don't.
I don't always feel like talking. But sometimes I feel like listening.

Many someones have said to me, "you don't have to answer every call."
(And I don't.)
But how do I choose? We have created for ourselves an incredible web of life.
Family who are friends. Friends who are family.
Congregations full of people who simply awe me with their love.
Camps and schools and synagogues and networks and teams.
I want to talk to everyone. (I can't....yet.)

(And that doesn't even get into my not-really-imaginary-friends-I've-never-met-in-real-life-online-friends....who might fit into any one of the categories above too.)

Keep it comin', people. It's the fuel on which we're driving this bus.
Thank you.

Two of our most beloved friends-who-are-family wrote amazing words for us.
Rebecca and Elizabeth, I have no words to respond except to say that I love you both.


  1. Cathy, Jacob, Eli, Anna, Hope and I are keeping Sam and all of you in our thoughts and in our prayers. May the Source of Healing bring a full measure of healing to Sam speedily and soon.

    May this Shabbat grant you all a sense of Shalom,

    Paul and the entire Cohen Clan

  2. Sending love, prayers and strength to get thru each minute, hour and day. Continue to know that everyone is keeping Sammy close in their heart. You have such an extended family everywhere, that G-d is hearing the prayers! Your OSRUI family is praying! Love from the Ackermans

  3. We're extending your circle of love and strength and support and prayer down to South Carolina --

    Sam, and your whole family, are in our hearts and prayers (and those of our congregation), and we are sending EVERY best wish your way.

    Shabbat Shalom,
    Stephanie Alexander

  4. Sam, Phyllis, and Michael--

    You have our love and support in any way you need. We have sent out something for all the kids to use share, however you and they see fit. Sam, I'll bet you already know that you don't have to be in the same place to share with your family, your brothers, and your sister, but sometimes it is hard to remember it.

    We love you!

    Cousins Ellen & Rob

  5. May you draw strength from this most amazing tapestry of family-friends.

  6. Ari and I are both sending you prayers and much love. Even though it has been years since we shared meals and Shabbat together in Jerusalem (not to mention gym time!), our hearts are breaking that you all must endure this -- but also filled with hope, and prayers for a refulah shleimah. Much love, Annie, Ari, Lev, Eiden, and Ahava

  7. Thank you for sharing on this blog. I feel such a strong need to know that Sam is going to be perfectly fine. I plan on following you through this journey and then celebrating when Sam is healthy and feeling wonderful. Prayers constantly sent your way. Your friend, Elana Stein-Maya