Sunday, June 24, 2012

A great day and a small fever...

After a rough day of fatigue and low hemoglobin yesterday, I was excited to walk in on Sam surrounded by his loving uncle and friends. In fact, when I walked in all I found was my brother sitting by himself in the room.
I looked at him, I looked at the empty bed, I looked back at Josh.
"Um, aren't we missing someone?"
"Yeah, he's giving a private tour of the floor."
Ok, then.
I sat down and waited, and in a minute or so was rewarded by my walking, smiling Sam bursting through the door with our good family friends.

He jumped up on the bed, Aaron and Sam proceeded to play one of the many games he's received and everyone sort of marveled at Sam's good mood. The difference one transfusion of blood and platelets makes in 24 hours...
Sam and some very POWERful friends :-) (and check out Sam's SUPER shirt from the Schorrs!)
At some point in the day Sam got it into his head that he wanted a steak to eat. That's right, my mostly vegetarian son, who had rarely, if ever, tasted steak got it into his head that he wanted steak. Sometimes an idea is better left unrealized. By the time everyone returned with Outback Steakhouse steaks in tow, Sam was famished. As everyone dug into their "linner" (late lunch, early dinner), I cut Sam's steak into tiny pieces. I was worried the smell of all the food would overwhelm Sam, but he seemed nonplussed. He chewed and chewed his first few bites of steak and then had a sad expression on his face.

"Dad, doing all this chewing hurts my teeth."

Everyone else enjoyed the rest of their meal as I ordered Sam a yogurt smoothie from food service to give him something soft to nourish him.

The visit ended, I remembered I had to check in at the Ronald McDonald House where I caught a shower and shave. (Amazing!! So beautiful, warm and inviting. I've served many meals over the years, but never thought I'd be a welcomed guest ever.)

When I returned I found my son running back to his room trying to beat his uncle Dan to the room. "um, no running in the halls!" The look of glee on his face was priceless. I gave hugs to my in-laws and cousin as Sam told them all about his day. You do realize amidst all this activity Sam still managed to watch two movies and FaceTime with the rest of our family, Tante Anne, and friends of Sam from school. Ah, my little multi-tasker.

check out this amazing blanket made for Sam by the Kleinmann family!
After everyone had left except Cousin Dan and myself, ready for bed and time for vitals Sam threw a small fever of 102. Damn! I wanted to pretend my phone had died and not send a text to my loving wife.{Phyl's note: good choice, honey} I won't make you wait in a dramatic was down to 99 within an hour without any meds. Still doc ordered antibiotics just in case. Sam worked on his Chinese Puzzle while we waited the half hour for the meds. Through all this Sam felt fine. Clearly a fluke, but one not to be "sneezed" at just in case.

It took everything to stay in my chair. I questioned doc, and she seemed calm and unworried. As I type this Sam is watching his blood being drawn, fascinated and asking twenty questions of his nurse as she draws his blood samples. Who is this child? Last week he would have been SCREAMING bloody murder at the thought of someone drawing his blood while he watched. My son will never cease to amaze me.

I swear he's calmer than me because none of it means a damn to him. It just is. Each day different while he remains in the same place. The pictures on Sam's walls keep growing in numbers. The prayers of the multitudes have crossed across our nation, made it to Paris, France and are preparing to sweep across Europe. The quantity of love and well wishes wash over us with a level of warmth I've never felt before. Love is the only thing. And my infinite love and gratitude go out to you all who help me maintain my strength and hope with the prayers and love you send each day.


  1. Thank you for opening your lives up to us and allowing us on this journey with you! It's not easy struggling, but we learn so much about ourselves and our family and friends.
    Amelia's only request to me so far about Sam is that he be back in time for first grade and that they are in the same class, just as they were in kindergarten! :-) She has gotten out her SuperGirl cape and is ready for her picture so we can get it to you before you run out of wall space!

  2. Jaden and I read your blog daily. A care package is on its way...
    Our thoughts are with Sam and your whole family. He is one brave boy with two amazingly strong parents!

  3. Dear SuperSam,

    You look fantastic in your Super suit!!!

    The Schorrs

  4. That has to be the coolest quilt ever! Sam sure does have an amazing following. I know that sometimes when I have a big steak my jaw gets tired from all of the chewing too. Maybe what Sam needs is a big, juicy burger to munch on.

  5. yasher koach to all of you for keeping the mitzvah thinking on track. sam is terrific and has terrific support all around. i am writing from jerusalem, israel and while i don't have any pics of my kids in super hero anything, we think sam is a super hero! (i have lots of purim pics from the last decade or two - alligators, chickens, purple monsters, ball players, spongebobs, and more, but no super heroes!) arnie draiman

  6. Sam- My little brother, Shai and I sent you a card the other day. I hope you got it. I want to dedicate my Bar Mitzvah project to you. I want you to know that my friend is in Israel right now and he is going to put a special message in the Wall for you. I hope you are feeling well.


  7. "I swear he's calmer than me because none of it means a damn to him. It just is."

    They are amazing people, these children we get to live with, are they not? They teach us more than we could ever know on our own. That quilt is AWESOME! And I want to get on the wall. I have to figure out some kind of post.

  8. Michael, every day i am reading yours and phyllis' blogs, you both write amazingly, you almost cant tell if it is you or phyllis writing you are so in sync.

    everytime i read my heart goes out to you both and i want to cry. what a strong amazing family you have. thanks for sharing with all of us!!! praying for Sam nightly. 5
    sari hurtig