Saturday, June 30, 2012

Normal in Cancerland

Welcome to Cancerland, where a five-day fever buys you a CT scan. Perfectly normal.

Welcome to Cancerland, where the Child Life specialist is a master of the clippers.

Welcome to Cancerland, where the days and nights can get mixed up because of the timing of the beeping and vital-checking.

Sigh. I definitely don't remember getting my tickets but we have arrived.

On Friday...waiting for the CT scan. Yes, he is cuddling with his water cup.

This is what a CT scan looks like. It makes quite a bit of noise too. Luckily, it went very quickly.
 The CT scan showed a little inflammation of the intestines, which is, (drumroll) quite normal in Cancerland. So we are now on IV nutrition to give his body a little rest from food, if he wants. He can still eat while on it. Plus a little extra morphine drip to help with pain management. Which might help with mood management as well. Is there a morphine drip for the mama and papa?
Changing over from a one-tower pole to a twin-tower pole. Luckily Sam didn't really notice how it grew.
 Sam's hair started falling out (normal in Cancerland). He didn't really want to shave it even though there was hair everywhere (also, by the way, often normal in ChildCancerland. It's all about control.) This is a negotiation session in which Sam is shaving Uncle Josh's hand. With the clippers. That man is a saint.

Eventually he let Sam shave his whole arm in exchange for a head-shave.
And here's the finished product. Yes, he has two sets of eyebrows now. That's how he wanted it.
Would YOU argue?
I actually think he looks adorable. Except when making faces like this one.


  1. Tick, tock, drip, beep
    Hospitals are bad for sleep.

    Knock, knock, who's there?
    Someone up and stole my hair!

    Fever up, smile is down
    Somebody send in the clown!

    Doctors in, doctors out
    Sometimes makes me want to shout.

    Pretty soon the worst with be through,
    You're dearly loved, we're cheering for you.

    The Kalman Family

  2. Okay, let's get someone to write a song about having four eyebrows!! Sam'e awesome!
    Here's another person with 4 eyebrows:

  3. I like the above comment/poem. It will be over soon. Love and hugs and support

  4. Sammy's such a brave little bubah...just like his mommy and daddy.

  5. Mirror Mirror on the wall,
    Who's the bravest of them all
    It's Sammy Sommer there is no doubt
    Can't wait til he is up an about!

    We're thinking and praying for all of you!
    Love, Beth

  6. G-d willing he'll recover and lead a full normal life. But even so, there is no way you and your husband ever will. Sorry, but counselling parents will never be the same either.

    PS It doesn't take cancer to join the club of parents who "never recover." Unfortunately I know, but B"H my sons each recovered their physical problems, but I am there with you decades later.

  7. Lex Luthor! Greatest criminal mind of our time!

  8. My heart goes out to you every hour of every day <3

  9. So many hugs from all of us Rices. Xo

  10. I wanna see a Dr. Evil pose next...

    All the best !!!

    Love you guys


  11. sam is the man, he is so handsome and how fortunate to have uber cool parents like you!!

  12. Oy! So darn cute! Sam, you wear it (or should I say don't wear it) well!