Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nine Plums on Chemo Day 7

One perk (?) of being in the hospital is that you get to sleep late.
(Of course, you have the other "perk" of an every-four-hour vital-sign-check...)
Sam slept until after 9:30am!

Sam's numbers are doing what they are supposed to. The doctors are very pleased with how he's doing. We had the dressing changed on Sam's central line. That was an experience that I don't think Sam or I enjoyed. We didn't really need to see how it is actually attached to him. Too medical for us.
(We're also working on a little more exercise, which we hope will be better tomorrow with less nausea.)

Because I had the funeral today, Sam got to spend the afternoon with Ellie. They went for walks, and he even played the keyboard in the playroom! (I have to bring a piano book up here so he can keep practicing for Miss Tina's lessons.)

Karen brought Sam a box of plums, which he had requested yesterday, and over the course of the afternoon, Sam ate NINE of them. Yes, you read that right. NINE. I know what you're that wise?! But we asked the doctor and they said...don't knock it if he's eating! (And seriously, plums are quite healthy. He has laid off the candy already!)

One of the things I like about the hospital is that I never feel that the doctors are rushing us. The resident came in to see us and she stayed for quite some time answering Sam's questions (and mine) and then the oncology docs (fellow and attending) came in to see us and spent quite some time chatting. As though we were their only patients. I know we aren't! But it makes me feel as though they're really paying attention to us.

Sam got 15 letters today (and a few packages as well) - WOW.

What part of Sam's wall looks like so far. As we laid in bed for bedtime stories.
 We ended the day with a little Dad-UncleJosh-Yael-David (Solly was in bed) FaceTime...
I so wish that the pictures of the two of them making faces at each other had come out better....
Sam is loving the mail, and I can't quite believe how far our little superhero project has gone...we are feeling the love and we thank you all. (((Hugs to everyone!)))


  1. It works. I'm connected. Now I can comment directly on the blog. Thank you for all the posts. It really makes me feel connected to all of you. Keep smiling Sammy. I'm going to bring the quilt I made for you to your house so someone can bring it to you. Hope you like it. Its full of love for you and I think big enough that not only can you be wrapped in it, but you can include others, too. Love you lots!

  2. On Wednesday the hungry caterpillar eat 3 plums... Hmmm... Sammy you are the Superman!!!
    What about strawberries today ? :)
    Millions hugs and kisses for you from Lora, Zlat, Eli and Danny Kogan

  3. Hi Superman Sam,

    I sent you a picture of me, which I hope you'll receive in the next day or two if you haven't already gotten it. I'm not wearing a superhero tee shirt in the photo (just a plain one), but I'm still on your team and thinking about you and sending good thoughts and positive energy every day. I'll try to send you a better picture soon. In the meantime, keep fighting the bad guys and give your mom a big hug from me.

    xoxo from NYC,
    ~ Jane.

  4. Nine plums! Wowee! That's a lot of plums, Sam! Keep feeding your body the healthy fruits! That's good stuff!

  5. Hey Sommer Family! Happy Thursday.

    One of my kids, Sophie, asked me to pass this message along to you:

    Hey Amy!Hoping you could pass along the message to Sam's family that the SAVPs of NFTY are sending love and prayers! (Also, if you go to Rina Yarosh's profile you will see the regional SAVPs with superman signs for him!)Much love,Sophie

    I'm going to work on getting that picture of the regional SAVPs directly to you.

    Love ya.