Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Visitors...Chemo Day 6

Today was a little crazy.

It's hard to believe it, but my grandmother died last night. (I'm sure I will write something on my personal blog about my amazing and wonderful Bubbie Rose, but suffice it to say that she lived 96 wonderful years and I will miss her terribly in my life.)

So today, I made a somewhat unscheduled trip up to Milwaukee (Michael was here for the night, we are switching off in a not-so-regular pattern) so that we could prepare for the funeral. So I brought along Yael, to spend a little time with Sam. She was overjoyed, and he was happy to see her. He had a good day - a little bit low-energy by the time I arrived. It's hard to be in the hospital...
Sam got a visit from the very famous author, David Bach, and his mom, my Aunt Bobbi (which, of course, makes David my cousin!) and he was totally excited to look at pictures of David's boys and talk about the last time they were here to visit. He also spent time with Randi and Karen and Rabbi Steve - it was a busy day!

Like his cool fedora? Just like his big brother - a little birdie told them that he wanted one!
Yael helped out with some picture-posing, after she and Sam did a little painting together. Randi showed up in full superman regalia - shirt AND pants!
Sam was an eating machine, consuming yogurt and fruit and cheerios and a grilled cheese sandwich. He has started making odd requests (a plum? mac and cheese from our Sukkah party?) and we're trying to make sure that he keeps down what he eats. Whatever works! The nausea is still there...hopefully that will subside soon. There's a lot of tired-time, and he totally crashed at bedtime after his bath - suddenly he wanted nothing more than to go to bed (and mean old mom made him brush his teeth). Day by day...

One last smile from Superman Sam:
Does it get any cuter than this?


  1. The smile at the end says it all Sam!!

    You give us all hope!

    Bradley Egel

  2. Such a wonderful smile!

    jean roth

  3. And condolences on your your grandmother's passing. Baruch dayan haemet.

  4. He has the most magnificent smile, from right down deep in his soul.

    Wrapping you all in miles and miles of love.

  5. I am so happy I see Sam smiling! My positive energy that I gave him is helping! See u soon , Sammy ( you remind me to my son - when he was a kid, he was in the hospital, he had pneumonia. I was crying, because I wasn't able to see him for two days - he used to live with my mother in different city. I had to take day off. When I saw him, he was smiling; he wasn't afraid from the shots they were giving him because of the pneumonia.He was O.K., he came back home. I'll never forget seen him so little in that huge hospital, but so brave at the same time!) Sammy, you're so brave as my son was !

  6. Yogurt, fruit, cheerios AND GRILLED CHEESE???? Go you, Sam! Yesher koach! And today - bte'avon!

  7. So happy to Superman Sam with a huge smile!!! The Glickmans send our heartfelt condolences on the passing of your Bubbe. xoxoxo

  8. Hey, Sam! So, I had a really terrific Shakespeare teacher in high school who used to spend his summers in Honduras (maybe your mom can show you where that is on a map). A bunch of years ago, he adopted a little boy in the village where he used to go to help out. The little boy (named Chemo - pronounced Shaymoh) needed heart surgery and was very, very sick. To get better, he needed to be a superhero, too, and very, very brave. My teacher made sure he got the medical care he needed, and now they both live in the village in Honduras where Chemo was born. (Which means Chemo lives near his cousins and other relatives! Isn't that awesome?) He has said that mostly Chemo just wanted to be a kid, and after the doctors made his heart better, that's what he got to be.

    After I wrote about you on my blog, my teacher wrote this:

    Superman Sam! A hero, for sure, though he would surely rather just be a kid. . .thank you for letting us share his life, too.
    Michael Dulick

    I've known Dr. Dulick a long time. Over 20 years! You can be sure, there are now people praying for you in a little village in Honduras.

    Happy Wednesday.

  9. Love, love, love. This was my Grammy's teaching.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. Oy vey! I am sure she lived a wonderful, full life -- but it just seems like too much to mourn right now when you simply have to stay focused on Sam and staying positive. His smile is gorgeous. His heart, enormous. I can't believe how much I have missed in the last few weeks while preparing for my son's bar mitzvah while I left the interwebs.

    Le sigh.

    Keeping my eye on you all now.