Monday, June 25, 2012

One for the Books...a Good day

Where to even begin?

Food: It was a great food day, a great mail day and a great visitors day. Sammy didn't fight his intake of calories once today. In fact he pretty much took his intake by storm and asked for more a few times. It was a pleasure feeding Sam today and so rewarding to see him hungry.

Mail: Sammy got mail not once, but THREE times today! Sammy received over one hundred pieces of mail today and it's just Monday! Sammy got mail from over twelve states. Every letter was amazing and heartfelt. One of the most unexpected letters was from Vice President Joseph Biden. You could have knocked me over with a feather. The letter was genuine and meaningful as he wished Sammy a speedy recovery and told him Sammy was in his prayers. Is it ok for prayers for healing to go viral? I think we've reached that point. From my heart and from my family thanks go not only to our Vice President of the Unites States, but to all the family, friends, friends' of friends and strangers who've taken my Sammy into your hearts and prayers.
Not mail for the whole floor, just mail for Sammy.

We hear a little birdie in the form of our friends at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism made this happen and we love you very much....why yes, that IS a letter from Vice President Joe Biden. To OUR Sam!
Visitors: other than the mail person, Bubbie came to visit and had an incredible time opening mail and packages with Sam. Oh, and two members of the Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Team came to visit too. Just after lunch Tobias Harris and Jon Leuer were making rounds at the hospital and stopped to see Sam. Sam was amazed at how tall they both were. He is standing on his bed in the picture and they still tower over him. They signed a Milwaukee Bucks hat especially for him and Bubbe said it should have been Zeyde visiting today! Sam promised he would watch every televised Bucks game he could (ok maybe he didn't really say that part, but he sure told them all about his day). John M. Cary, the executive director of the MACC Fund (Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, inc) accompanied Jon and Tobias and introduced himself. I would consider the MACC Fund another cancer charity that is very much on my list of organizations to be supported so that someday no child will have to experience what my Sam is going through.
Someday Sam might be this tall. Okay, who am I kidding? But check out that GRIN!
Medical info: Our staff was exceptional today. Melissa, our nurse, took the time to walk me through the next two weeks or so. She warned me that every kid is different, but that Sam might get worse over the next ten days as his counts bottom out. I hope she's wrong, but I know Sammy's system will fight to recover from the chemo. I know his mouth sores may get worse as his gastrointestinal system recovers. I know his hair will most likely fall out (I'm hoping not, maybe Superman Sam has hair of steel that cannot be fazed by mere chemicals. Or I will have a mini-me bald twin). There might be days where he will be pale, weak and lethargic. Of course I'm hoping that his super powers kick in and with transfusions of blood and platelets Sam can walk through the flames of his recovery with a smile, laughter good days and great memories.

Sam's doctors visited and said Sam was doing great. Doc David played peekaboo with Sam for a moment on one of his walks and visited at the end of his day. Good people are always well connected and Doctor David is connected to no less than five people our family knows personally including the president of my congregation. If everyone I know loves and respects Doctor David, and Sammy likes him already, how can we not love him and trust him in his area of expertise?

Walks: Sammy took, not one, not two, but three walks today. TWICE he went all the way downstairs to the lobby with me to cruise the gift shop (we were definitely eyeing that white Bengal tiger), look at the large saltwater fish tank and walk in the sun garden outside Cafe West. In the afternoon Sammy did seven laps around the unit without a single complaint. It was a most amazing day of walks with my son and I even caught a small nap after being up all night with various beeps and whistles while Sammy slept pretty soundly through most of his vitals being checked at midnight and four.
The hospital has a Healing Garden that is accessible to patients. It is lovely.
Nemo AND Dory live in this tank. How cool is that?
During these times good days like this have to be savored and held sacred. Sure, we act normal as if everything is as it should be (every six year old should have a hundred pieces of mail day once on their life), while cherishing that normalcy as the potential quiet before the storm. In my hopes of hopes I hope there is no storm and that Sammy's system is stronger than I can even imagine. I want this time to be mundane towards Sammy's complete healing.

So I bless you all for your prayers of already healed, the supreme blessings you all represent in my life and share my infinite love and gratitude with you all for being part of my life.


  1. More prayers from the holy city of Shiloh.

    G-d willing you'll make a thanksgiving trip to Israel when Sam is healthy and you'll come here as part of your tour to thank G-d.

    1. Great idea. We are (God willing) planning a family trip for Winter Break 2014 for David's Bar I can see it clearly as you say it, a Thanksgiving Trip...

  2. Ah, my dose of Superman Sam's Daily Doings! As always, made me furplempt, your words are so meaningful, not just because they are about Sammy and all of you, but they offer, at least for me, positive energy, hope and love that should be a part of every day. When you mentioned that Sam might lose his hair, I remember the time all your kiddies went bald because of lice at school. So, maybe you should consider this; if Sammy does go bald, you can all join his look! It's the Michael Sommer look!

  3. I'm so glad that the project is going so well to give Sam this moral support. I happen to personally know there is more to come. Maybe you guys should do some scrapbooking with the extra photos and pictures?

  4. I have only read imabima intermittently since discovering the world of Jbloggers on my path to conversion, but when I heard about Superman Sam, I felt deeply moved to do something. Chalk it up to my growing sense of affinity with the Jewish people, but I did. So, while I cannot at the present think of a suitable superhero alterego, I have asked that his name be placed on the Mi Sheberach list at my temple in Brookline. Keep fighting the good fight, Superman Sam!